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Secret of Reversing Aging (Turn Back The Clock)

i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex focus on cell therapy which is very effective against signs of body aging. Aging is the result of an accumulation of damage to molecules, cells and tissues, leading to loss of function and increased risk of death. i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex will slow down the aging process and recover the body health, physical strength and vitality by cell therapy. The major body changes that you able to delay or even prevent by choosing the right supplementation.

The secret to staying young is eating the right food and supplementation. i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex which contained 12,000mg of fresh sheep placenta which extracted from New Zealand carefully bred sheep (ovine) in clean environment and away from pollutants. Sheep are considered by scientists to be the best donor animals for placenta because they are resilient with superior immune systems and naturally resistant to diseases. Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body, as they trigger no known immune defence reactions or adverse side effects. Sheep placental active cells stimulate our body repair, rejuvenate and renew cells which not only help boost your immune system, hormone balance, detox your liver, blood and other major organs, also good for your skin as well as myriad of supporting functions.

Placenta is one of the richest sources of cell nutrients and anti-ageing compounds. Prized for its high concentration of young stem cells, it is packed with the nutrients necessary to create and nurture new life. Studies have discovered that placenta contains abundant levels of cell building blocks, active growth factors, antioxidants and skin-beautifying ingredients. These bioactive stimulants deliver proven results in reversing the signs and symptoms of ageing in a unique process known as live cell therapy, where young stem cells from sheep placenta transfer their vibrant life force into old, degenerating human cells, stimulating them to heal quickly and to once again function with restored efficiency and youthful vitality.

Cell therapy is a process of introducing new cells into a tissue or organs. This renewal at cellular stage is critical to keep our body tissues and organ at in optimum health. Cell therapy stimulates our body’s own healing for a natural and long term effect. Cell therapy helps against aging, degeneration and illnesses. It maintains and extends youth, energy and vitality. In summary it Protects, Repair & Renew/Regenerate

Key ingredient in i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex is Tocomin tocotrienol SupraBio (US Patent No. 6,596,306). Tocomin SupraBio is a patented bioenhanced natural palm tocotrienol system is a self-emulsifying delivery system that provides consistent and enhanced oral absorption of tocotrienols. Palm oil and rice bran oil are two major nutritional sources of natural tocotrienol. Taken orally, tocotrienols are bioavailable to all vital organs. The tocotrienol form of natural vitamin E possesses powerful hypocholesterolemic, anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties. Besides that, tocotrienol rich of phytonutrients help loweing blood cholesterol, reversing atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, preventing stroke-induced brain damages,anti-angiogenesis properties, prevention of UV-induced skin aging and hair loss prevention.

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Suggested Usage:

1 softgel, once a day

Nutrition Fact:

serving size (1,250mg)
serving per base (30 softgel)

Product Ingredient:

Sheep Placenta extract / Tocomin Tocotirenol / Niacinamide / Vitamin A


Wake up dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating growth and function of existing tissue and repairing or regenerating old and malfunctioning cells. Used cell therapy to repair free-radical damage cells, slow aging process, create deep and lasting rejuvenation and regenerate tissues and organs.

Health & Longevity

Energy booster to overcome feeling of weakness, promote effective functioning of the immune system and stabilize weight at a normal level. Protect, repair and rejuvenate all of the body’s organs and tissues to keep the body young longer.

Beauty Benefits

Diminish fine lines and wrinkles,   effectively treat damaged skin and maximize the rejuvenation benefits. Placenta stem cells treat the deepest part of the skin, dermis layer. Promote the turnover of the epidermis, to   eliminate discoloration and dullness, create bright fresh skin, skin elasticity and firmness and firm skin which maintain moisture.


i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex is a natural cell detox therapy. It benefits from protection, repair, regeneration and detoxification at cellular level. It can be taken    throughout life to ensure vitality of cells and organs.

Improve Liver Health

Bio-enhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex for 3 months significantly reduces liver stiffness with          non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Tocotrienol inhibits lipid accumulation, inflammation and fibrosis in the liver and increase lipid metabolism. Tocomin SupraBio’s potent antioxidative effect, it help to against oxidative stress related damage on hepatocyte could well be the reason behind the remission of NAFLD.

Cardiovascular Protection

Tocotrienol could reverse atherosclerosis, lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and improve        arterial compliance. Tocotrienols prevent atherosclerosis through activities in lowering cholesterol, lowering        apolipoprotein B, anti-thrombotic, inhibit monocytic        adhesion and suppression of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation. Tocotrienol inhibit cholesterol production by inhibiting a key enzyme that regulates the cholesterol     synthesis pathway. Tocotrienol complex remove the plaque cause artery narrowed and then reduces arterial stiffness.


Strengthen Immune System

As we age, our cellular become weaker and making you more vulnerable to disease. Sheep placenta contains growth factors which stimulating cellular growth,             proliferation and cellular differentiation. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes. Therefore, i-Young sheep placenta complex used cell therapy strengthens immunity against disease and slows the aging process.

Boost Energy and Better Sleeping Quality

i-Young sheep placenta complex which contained sheep placenta’s live cells work with tocomin tocotrienols improve blood circulation. It helps with better sleeping quality, better nutritional and oxygen distribution in the body, and then provides more energy.

Skin Hydration

Helps minimize skin damage by modulating the skin repair process, promoting collagen synthesis, drawing water in which helps plump up skin tissue and reducing wrinkles. Retain over a 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturizer resulting in increased smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles.


Skin Whitening

Tocotrienol is able to inhibit tyrosinase protein production (melanin biosynthesis), which leads to reduce synthesis of melanin in melanoma cells. Use as therapeutic or            preventive agent for treating hyperpigmentation.


Surgical Scar Healing & Burn Wound Healing

Tocotrienol decrease scar formation following burn injury. Tocotrienol can inhibit the inflammatory response and collagen synthesis, as reflected by decreased tensile strengthen and lower accumulation of collagen. It can inhibit collagen synthesis by human Tenon’s fibroblasts in vitro with possible anti-scarring potentials.


Skin Firming

Sheep placenta contains bioactive nutrients which interact with other tissue elements drives collagen synthesis and normal skin function. Bioactive nutrients play a key role in the skin’s extracellular matrix and to maintain hydration, improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage. Sheep placenta is responsible for capturing water, in turn maintaining the smoothness and plumpness of the skin. 



The heart is the key organ in the circulatory system and most important organs in your entire body. Its job is to push blood through the body. The blood flows into the heart through the atria and out through the ventricles. Other important aspects of the circulatory system are arteries, veins and capillaries. Although these are not organs, they are key elements of this system. The circulatory system works closely with other systems in our bodies, It supplier oxygen and nutrients to our bodies by working with the respiratory system. At the same time, the circulatory system helps carry waste and carbon dioxide out of the body.


The risks of problems with the cardiovascular system are common lately due to the lifestyle choices. Many of health problems condition are related to plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries, which make it harder for blood to flow and creating a threat of heart health. 


Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common cause of death globally. In 2005, an estimated 17.5 million people died from heart disease worldwide, this represents 30% of all global deaths. By 2015, almost 20 million people will die from heart disease and stroke. From statistic showed that, an average of one death every 37 seconds is due to heart disease in developing countries.


Health disease is a major global public health concern. The risk factors of heart disease at following:

• Smoking

• High blood cholesterol and high triglyceride levels

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

• Overweight and obesity

• Metabolic syndrome

• Lack of physical activity

• Unhealthy diet

• Family history

• Age and menopause

The risk of heart disease can be reduced through consuming healthy low fat diet, increased physical activity as well as taking dietary supplements as part of a long term nutritional program. One of the main dietary supplements for cardiovascular protection is vitamin E – Tocomin Tocotrienol. The antioxidant efficiency of                  tocotrienols was evaluated as their ability to inhibit lipid peroxidation and reactive oxygen species production. 


Tocomin SupraBio® is a patented (US Patent No. 6,596,306) self-emulsifying palm tocotrienol complex that ensures optimal tocotrienols oral absorption. It is an advanced formulation of Tocomin, a natural tocotrienol complex that is concentrated from virgin crude palm oil using a patented mild extraction process that ensures the maximum preservation of phytonutrients. Tocomin SupraBio® is the most bioavailable tocotrienol complex available on the market. The SupraBio® self-emulsifying system is unique and guarantees an average of 250% increase in tocotrienol absorption and hence improves tocotrienol bioavailability for the various positive health effects reported including cholesterol reduction.

The SupraBio self-emulsifying formulation of palm mix tocotrienol complex ensures a more consistent and enhanced absorption of tocotrienol up to 300%, overcoming the known poor bioavailability of tocotrienols in a regular oil extract. This means that the contents inside the soft gelatin capsule form an emulsion instantly and automatically upon contact with the fluid in our stomach. This is a breakthrough in tocotrienol product formulation, allowing a more consistent and complete tocotrienol absorption that is no longer dependent on food and fat intake. Because we are what we absorb, not what we eat, absorption is extremely important in considering a formula! The patented formulation successfully brings you the most bioavailable tocotrienol formulation in the market. It contains the full-spectrum tocotrienols as well as other phytonutrients such as plant squalene and phytosterols that are naturally extracted together with tocotrienols from virgin crude palm oil.



Patented and bioenhanced palm tocotrienol complex Tocomin SupraBio® showed reduction of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol concentration, enhanced immune response after vaccination, helps in resolving non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and promotes hair growth. Tocomin SupraBio® is currently being used in an on-going largest clinical trial on tocotrienol for its effects in neuro- and cardioprotection.

FDA approved GRAS ingredient Tocomin® natural palm tocotrienol complex has strong science to back its unique and promising health benefits in neuroprotection, cardioprotection, reducing metabolic related non-alcoholic fatty liver disease risk, skin health, and more, said Bryan See, regional product manager, Carotech Inc.  Unlike the regular vitamin E alpha-tocopherol, tocotrienol exists scarcely in nature and is especially low in Western diet.






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